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सबसे तेज़ रिजल्ट यही आएगा रुकिए और देखिये

milan day



time bazar
(01:00 pm to 02:00 pm )
madhur day
(01:25 pm to 02:25 pm )
milan day
(03:00 pm to 05:00 pm )
rajdhani day
(03:20 pm to 05:20 pm )
(03:45 pm to 05:45 pm )

madhur night
(08:35 pm to 10:35 pm )
milan night
(09:05 pm to 11:05 pm )
rajdhani night
(09:30 pm to 11:45 pm )
(09:35 pm to 12:05 am )
kalyan night
(09:35 pm to 12:05 am )
bombay night
(09:35 pm to 12:05 am )

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Special Game Zone

PANEL CHART ZONE is one of the excellent options for the best branded websites for your needs. Originally one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience in betting and gaming, the services offered by Sattamatka impressive in every possible way.


Matka Game is all about a type of lottery or satta and it involves the use of opening and closing rates of the New York Cotton Trade. During the earlier days, the Matka was called OC or Open and Close. In fact, the terms OC still continues even when the concept was started before the Indian independence. During the earlier days, the game was known as Ankada Jugar. During the 1960s, the concept of finding the winning numbers changed and that was when the term of Satta matka or only matka came into the being. Before we proceed, do notice that matka Betting is illegal in India and needs to be taken care of.

Matka Is Played In Various Types As Single Jodi And Patti. It Is Played As In Half Sangam And Full Sangam As Well. Matka Is The Only Game Where U Can Earn Money In Very Short Time.

Single Means Open Close One Digit Single Ank.

Jodi Means - Both Digit Open And Close Digit Is Combined In As Jodi.

Patti - When A Open Digit Or Close Digit Is Declared In Matka It Is Declared By 3 Digit Called Patti. The Total Of 3 Digit Called Open And Close As Well.


Matka Can Be Won By Getting Perfect Guess Of Matka Professors And Dpboss. You Can Play Safely By Playing 3 Or 4 Digit Daily And Get These Digits From Our Website That We Publish On Our Free Game Page.

The History of Satta Matka

During the earlier days the betting used to happen the two numbers – the opening and closing rates of Bombay Cotton Trade from the New York Cotton Trade. The rates arrived late into the night and the times for declaring the opening and closing numbers still follow the good old day’s pattern even today. The New York Cotton Trade ceased to exist in 1961 and the betters had to look for other options for finding the winning numbers. The new concept was brought ahead by Ratan Khatri who was instrumental in brining in the new age Satta matka game. He devised a method in which the numbers were written in paper and disposed in a Matka which is the Indian name for the earthen pot. An individual will then draw a chit and announce the lucky number. In the days ahead, the numbers were drawn from a pack of cards, but the name matka continued to exist. In the year 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat started the concept of Worli matka. Ratan Khatri brought New Worli matka in 1964. There were slight alterations and changes in the game. The Kalyan matka worked on all the days of the week, while Ratan Khatri’s matka worked only during five days of the week.

Growth of Satta Matka

The textile trade during the time in Mumbai was flourishing at this time and most of the workers of these textile factories began playing the matka game. The concept of the matka bookies came into the being for the same reason. The bookies started opening their shops around the textile mills so that the workers began betting on their return home. The bookies began working in and around Central Mumbai. In essence, the region of Central Mumbai became the heart of matka business in India. The concept of satta matka grew in numbers – in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, during the 80s and 90s, betting amounts ranged across Rs. 500 crores per month. This even attracted the severe action against the matka by the police authorities which largely attempted to contain the merchants. The matka business also moved out of Mumbai to other parts of Maharashtra and even to the other stats such as Rajasthan and Karnataka. By the year 1995, there were more than 2000 major and medium bookies spread all through the country. That apart, there are thousands of other small time bookies earning on the basis of the satta matka and Matka results.

The Matka Kings

People who have won a lot of money with the Satta Matka ae actually referred to as Matka Kings. Even those who have been involved in introducing Matka have also been referred to as Matka Kings. Some of the Matka Kings in the history of Matka can include

Kalyanji Bhagat

Kalyanji Bhagat was born in Ratadia village, Ganes Wala in Kutch, Gujarat. He landed in Mumbai in 1941 and indulged into several small time jobs such as spice dealer and working in a supermarket. He was running a grocery shop in 1960 and pioneered the matka game. His results were based on the opening and closing rates of cotton exchanged on the New York wholesale market. He was working from the compound of his building in Worli.

Ratan Khatri

Ratan Khatri is declared as the leader or the ruler of the Indian satta matka concept. He controlled the national level game scenario. He worked with a few lakhs of punters and dealt in crores of rupees of the illegal betting. He began his business in the 1960s and continued till the 1990s. After the Bombay Cotton Exchange began to cease in 1961, Khatri began to build a syndicate of his own. He began the concept of drawing three cards from a deck to determine the day’s number. His way of drawing the winning number was seen as more realistic option. The cards were always opened before a lot of benefactors. He was even arrested and served 19 months in prison. However, now, he has retired himself from the game business and no lives somewhere near Tardeo.

Different Satta Matka Bazaars

The concept of Matka was initially launched during the 1960s and was based on the opening and closing rates of the Bombay Cotton Exchange affiliated to the New York Cotton Trade. Launched in the form of Worli Matka in the 1960s, there were initially only two bazarrs of Matka. One belonged to Kalyanji Bhagat and was referred to as Worli Matka. The one started by Ratan Khatri in 1964 is referred to as New Worli Matka. Today we have several bazaars. The most popular ones in the current scenario include The Kalyan Night Matka runs from Monday to Friday, while the Kalyan Matka is played on 6 days of a week. Some other options you would find include Time Bazar, Milan Day/Night, Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day/Night Satta, Mumbai main And. We, Satta Matka.

A few terminologies of satta matka

If you are new to Satta matka, you would ant to understand the meaning of a few of the terminologies. We will check out a few terms from matka results.- Single – This refers to a number in single digits i.e. 0 to 9. Jodi – This term refers to the double digit numbers and they will include the numbers between 00 to 99. Patti or Panna – The three digit number that forms the basis of the winning number. Open and Close – The matka result is always released separately in terms of the tow digits – referred to as Open and Close. You can either bet on the whole two digit number or even on opening number or closing number Farak – Farak is a hindi work used in the Satta matka terminology. The term refers to the difference between the open and close numbers.

Why do people love Online Satta Matka results?

Online satta matka results can be one of the excellent options for almost each of your requirements you may have. In fact, they provide you the matka results quite instantly as soon as they are announced. This possibility of getting the instant results can prove to be one off the excellent options for your needs. Our website is designed to provide you access to an enhanced experience and a complete support for almost all your needs in getting access to the quickest matka results. Moreover, we also provide you historical results of all the Matka results so far. If you have been into satta since long, you will come to understand that the historical data does assume a lot of importance in terms of improving your chances of winning a bet. You can even order the historical charts for your ready reference even when you have no access to the internet or our site. You can simply place an order for the charts and other predictions from us on payment of a nominal charge. If you are looking to soe expert advise and tricks of how bet wisely, the service can be offered on nominal charges. The experts do provide you a great advise which can thereby enhance and improve your possibility of winning the bets more frequently. Having said that, it should also be noticed that the satta matka game is completely dependent on luck and chance and even the expert advise may prove to fall flat, but it can help you achieve positive results or enhance your probability of winning.


Satta matka game is actually a guessing game wherein you have guess the winning number. You can bet on the opening number, closing number or even the entire two digit number. You will earn in the ratio of 1:90 in the case of the full number and 1:9 if you are betting on a single digit number
You can play the matka game in several ways. You can bet on a single digit i.e either on the opening number of closing number. You ma also bet on a complete double digit number. Betting on the three digit pattis which make up the winning number is also permitted. Betting on pattis will earn you the winning amount in 1:100 ratio. You may bet on XX where you will win when the wining number has the number in both decimal places. For instance, betting on xx will help you win on 11,22, 33 and so on.
There are a few services that allow you paly matka online. Check out the sites and enquire them to know if they provide you access to online game.
Khatri was the person who redefined the concept of Matka. He developed a syndicate and has been around since 1962. He has earned the sobriquet of the Matka King. It has been rated to be the India’s best option for the perfect betting racket and a powerful nationwide game syndicate.
The outcome of matka betting is actually divided into two parts. The first part is referred to as open result and the second part is called the close result. The Single Patti is referred to as the three digit number where each of the pattis are different. For instance 123.
Matka is illegal form of game. Not only in India. However, you can continue using it for your needs. Stay within limits and use it only for the entertainment purposes alone. It cannot be the sole means of your income.

In 1961 - 59 Years Ago Matka Was Started By Ratan Khatri.And The First Name Of Matka Was Worli Matka. And It Reached Its Peak On 1980s And 1990s. Since Then Matka Is Growing Very Fast. And Its A Very Loving And Intrestin Game By Players Where U Can Win Money Also While Playing.



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